1.11 Apt/Unit Number
  • At first I didn't think the Apt/Unit numbers were coming through on calls until I noticed it buried in the Details section not close to the address. Can anyone think of a better way to do this? The only thing I could think of was to put the address in the detail section as well with the Apt number just below that...
    Zach Marvin
    Union, OH Fire Dept
  • Agreed. I'd like to see it up with the address right below it.
  • Yeah, I saw that too and reported it direct to Active911 before.  It should be up in the address area and not burried at the bottom just above the notes.  It was also a little confusing because it was labeled something like Unit and was near the Units item with all of the apparatus listed.
  • I think we should be able to configure our own parsing, add/remove/rename fields and also have the ability to select what users get what fields (if that makes sense). Our dispatch sends our calls in the CADPage format so it would be super easy for us I think.. StandardA I am not so sure lol
  • Having just downloaded the new app I completely agree with what everyone is saying regarding Apt / Bldg numbers.  Having it displayed next to the address is much more convenient.  I also second Ryan P.'s notion of renaming it to something other than "Unit" which is displayed directly above the "Units."  

    With that being said, EXCELLENT work on the new app.  This is just a minor issue to fix on an app that nailed it overall!