• Our Map is completely gone on Webview.  We are using Google Chrome.  Some time last week our Webview was on "connecting" but wasn't connecting.  We did a refresh and it reconnected to the server but we haven't had a map since.  It is properly displaying calls just without a map. Any suggestions? 
  • There was an update.  You need to just go into the brower settnigs and clear cache entirely and that will restore your map.
  • Thanks... Fixed my problem. Did I miss something posted somewhere about the update? I am very excited that it happened but it would have been nice to know and not have our system blank for a few days.
  • I think I saw it here in another discussion thread.  It may have been posted on their facebook, but wasn't one of the major announcements on the front page of
  • Had this same problem using google chrome, cleared the cache and the map returned, but all of the custom tags I uploaded are gone.
  • Zoom in, or adjust your zoom level with the gear icon on the top right. Do you see your map data then?
  • Your map data?  If you look in the top right corner there is now a settings button that looks like a gear.  If you click on it you can change the Map Marker Density and change the zoom level that your hydrants will appear.
  • Got it, thanks.