Responder List Sort
  • It would be nice if the Responder list was sorted with those that hit Respond (or a button for a station response when the custom buttons are available) first so that you can see what actual responders you have.  Hopefully the watch status will be disabled soon so that when there's 70 people receiving the alert that are really often off-duty, you don't have to sort through all of them to see the 10 people that are responding.  Maybe it'd be a good idea on the button configuration to make the sort order customizeable so a user can specify which button should sort 1st through 5th   Otherwise, just put the respond button first, followed by the others to the least desireable last, then show the list based on that sort order.  Then people would make whichever they want to be priority in the 1st button and so on.  Our buttons could be POV, Station 1, Station 2, Unv, Avail.  I like having them actually hit Avail to indicate that they might be able to come if the fire turns into anything as opposed to just a watch status where you don't know if they might actually be available to respond or not.  
  • This is going to be included, probably in the next Webview update. We don't have a release date for it yet. The customizable response buttons are coming soon as well.
    Active911, Inc
  • To clarify, Our department would like either all the "watch" to appear together in app and have the "Responding" scroll to the top. When 60 members get the alert, it is impractical to look through the entire list to determine who's actually responding
  • It would be nice if under Personnel you could see if a user is set to off duty have them at the bottom of the list.
    If the list was in alphabetical order that would also be nice. 
    If it could change as people respond to the top that would be a nice added feature.
  • Color coding personnel would is really needed, One color for off duty, one for responding, one for available etc.
    Sort when call is active so arrived units are at top, responding units next, available after that, unavailabe at bottom.  Could be alphabetical when call not in progress.
  • Any chance of this happening soon?  Really need to be able to know who is on duty (in response area for vol depts) and who is not.

    Simplest would be Green name in personnel list for on-duty (available), red for out of area.
    Would be even nicer if it showed On-duty, Off Duty, Responding, on scene and sorted in a reasonable order.

    Volunteer depts really need to be able to see who is in the area - A display of on-duty/off duty would accomplish this.

  • VERY interested to hear where this is at as a new feature or how others have used existing features to make this work.