1.10 cross-streets
  • I'm not sure if it's just the android app, or if it's a problem across the board, but our dispatch center sends cross-street information, but that's not displayed in the app. Why is cross-street info parsed out or not displayed? I've had some recent incorrect map locations and had I had the cross-streets provided by dispatch, I would have been able to better locate the address.
  • What call was this on? Bucks County doesn't always send out cross streets to us. If they send out cross streets, they are normally parsed and added to the call details.
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  • Bucks County, PA and Lehigh County, PA should always send cross-streets unless it's a call into another county for mutual-aid.  Actually looking at Webview, I see it in the pop-out box now.  For some reason i didn't see it last night, but the Android Beta still never shows cross-streets at all.  Not sure about iOS since I don't have that.

    I was actually just going to suggest on the next webview update that there be a box across the top so that any additional information such as cross-streets/notes could be displayed there.  Maybe in the settings menu (gear icon) have a selection box that has all your data fields listed with check-boxes next to them so users can select what additional information they want to see displayed in the box above the map.  It would slightly decrease the map size having a pane there, but that additional info would be useful to have there instead of having to click for a pop-out box.  With that pane there, it wouldn't take away from the responder list on the left either since we often fill that and it runs off the screen needing to be scrolled with all the watch status people.

    The other thing I was thinking about for webview was a button to display the status of responders for that particular alarm.  that way when a responder responds to a subsequent alarm, their status moves to that alarm, but you can still press that button to go back and view the history of an alarm still showing on Webview without having to login to the active911 account to goto the alarms tab to see it.
  • I can confirm that the 2 agencies I am attached to always send cross streets, they are visible in the iOS app but not in the Android version.  No cross street info.  And the Active911 # could be moved to the very bottom since that is not really important to anyone but tech support.
  • No X for me either...

    Edit.. Which I should add I didn't even notice.. Good call on this one!
  • Thanks. I like moving active911 number down just above the notes. Suggest hiding the parser info too.
  • Same for me as well. X streets always sent but don't show up.
    Zach Marvin
    Union, OH Fire Dept
  • How about another colapsible section showing all Active911 technical info that might be
    needed for debugging info, but not really needed on all calls.  My notes section is showing
    the GPS info, Parser Name and RECGPS: Y.  All which may be needed for troubleshooting,
    but not to an responder.
  • Maybe an option in the settings for "Troubleshooting Info" or "Debugging Info" ON/OFF.  If it's on, it shows those fields in the call details, but if off, it hides all of that info including the Parser, Active911#, etc..
  • I like your idea better as long as the setting can be retro-active.  (Make change in settings for it to show on current call or close call make change in settings and reopen call to see the data).  Then again if you need the data you could always log into the active911 site and get it and not have it displayed in the app at all.
  • Yeah, I was thinking that you could login to the web for the data too, but not all users have that access if the admin has disabled it, so that's why I was thinking a troubleshooting option to enable/disable that would only show that info when you enable the troublshooting info.  Yes, I'd do it so that it's not displayed regularly, but then if you enable it, it would enable on every call that's opened whether it was there before or not.  Basically with that enabled, the fields are visible, and disabled, the fields aren't visible whether the call was previously opened or not.