Will there be an Active911 Android App?
  • I had heard that there was going to be one please let me know if that's true & when we might expect to see it on google play.
  • You bet there will be an Android app.  This is pretty much the most asked question on Facebook, so it's no surprise that it was one of the first forum questions.

    Active911 for Android should look and work pretty much the same way as Active911 for iOS.  Once we have some screenshots, we'll be posting them here. 
  • When will this be?
  • Any ideas when the Android app will be released or do you have a rough estimate? I have a lot of people at my department asking me all the time.
  • Huge development and great work to you! Just a review from growing pains... we've had huge success using the Xamarin platform. It has bridged the constraints for doing cross-platform application development. Either way, we look forward to your solution in whichever approach you arrive on. Cheers
  • I'm sure you noticed this but in case not:

    Would be easy to find a few of us willing to alpha and beta test for you! :-)

  • Yes Chad I am sure there are enough technical people out there that would be willing to help test this app. I know I would be more than happy to help test this. I have an iOS personal phone and an Android based work phone. I can't wait for the Android app to be released. The iOS functionality is by far superior to Cadpage.
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  • X2 on timeframe for release. Switched from iPhone to android and cadpage is my only beef.
  • Here is a small peek at what is happening.
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  • I am currently testing the android app and so far its good . Verry different from the cadpage app

  • Where in the Play store can I find this app and will it work with the Razr Maxx?
  • The Android app is still in development. It's not available for release in the Play store yet. It has been released to a few devices for beta testing. 
  • Would be willing to beta test if you need more testers.
  • I would also be willing to beta test the active 911 on my android.  This is really only thing holding active 911 to being really useful with every member in our department.
  • It would be nice to see an app with Active911. Our Firedepartment in Sweden are very looking foward to it.


    / Per