Webview calls clearing
  • Does anyone know how many calls will show in the left status bar before they start clearing out? Issue becomes that when we run the Webview and get a lot of calls, we can no longer see the map because there are so many incidents with text balloons.
    Zach Marvin
    Union, OH Fire Dept
  • Webview is due for a revamp. Along with working on the Android app, we realize that Webview needs a lot of work. We will be working on adding an adjustable clearing timer, or possibly the ability to clear the calls manually like on the devices. This will also go for displaying the personnel response status. We will be adjusting it so that you can choose what response statuses to display/track on Webview. Responding and available are useful. Unavailable and watching, not so much.

    We are also looking at possibly doing away with the text balloons, and just sticking the letter tag on the map; since the address and nature are viewable in the sidebar, the text balloon is redundant. What do you guys think?

    Active911, Inc
  • I like the idea of the smaller text balloons. I also like the idea of the adjustable timer and possibility of clearing calls manually! 
    Zach Marvin
    Union, OH Fire Dept
  • When we receive a call and a bunch of members mark unavailable you have to really focus on the screen to see who is actually responding. I think having the option to display certain responses would be helpful. Looking forward to seeing that.
    Gary Dillon, Firefighter/Active911 Admin.
    Crozet Vol. Fire Dept.
    Crozet, VA
  • Having just the letters for incidents on the map would be extremely helpful. I was also wondering if there is a way to make the data points on the web view a lot smaller like in the iOS app. I have a whole neighborhood that isn't visible anymore because of all the hydrants that I have uploaded. My guys love being able to come in and instantly know what's goin on and the locations of them. Thanks!
  • Yes, we are going to be scaling the icons down as well. We will probably look at making them scale as you zoom, like they do now, but just in a narrow range of smaller sizes.
    Active911, Inc
  • The icons definitely need to be scaled down. Other than that, it works pretty well. The only other option we would like to see is the ability to change the alert sound. We currently have it rigged up to alert over the station speakers and it works great. Just would like ability to possibly change sound. And also possibly a small weather radar map, but I don't know how you would do it and where it would go.
  • A great addition for our fire service/Station, would be, there would be an option to display who is  On duty and/or Off Duty status. As our station dosnt work to shifts and when a call comes in, we have no idea who around, this feature would be excellent!!  Maybe a small window on the side showing everyone that are off duty?

    Please give this some thought !

    As the one thing Active911 lacks is for people to know who is around or not.


  • It would be cool to have the option to clear the balloons on the map after a certain time, but leave the call details listed on the left side. It is really helpful to go back and look at our recent alarms from the truck floor.
  • I agree that the ability to make the icons smaller, or maybe even having the ability to turn some of them off (because who really needs to know where the hydrants are when sitting in the station) would be great.

    Also key in the ability to limit what responders show up on the map.  This feature, or lack there-of, is whats keeping me from deploying webview at our department.

    ~Jeff Howard
    Captain, Parkwood Fire Dept
    Durham, NC
  • Hydrants aren't bad to start figuring out your plan of action before responding.  Also, webview is used on mobile data terminals, so it may be in the trucks too.  What would be good is to make it so that hydrants aren't visable until you zoom in very tight.  Currently, we have thousands of hydrants loaded and it covers all the streets.  All we see is blobs of hydrant markers and no map!